Job title:  SR. MANAGER



Date:  Feb 27, 2024


  • Co-ordination for preconstruction activities and timely mobilization of resources to undertake pre-construction activities on timely basis.
  • Design & Drawings and other documents.
  • Co-ordination with design team / designer for timely arrangement of design and drawing as per work program.
  • Upkeeping of all design and drawings including data of Topography, TBM, OGL, Geotechnical, Soil Investigation, etc.
  • Co-ordination for timely submission of required contractual documents like Construction Plan, QAP, Methodologies, EMP, Safety Plan, Major material source approval submission, mix design of various items etc.

Budgeting, Planning and Progress Review

  • Pre-bid budget vs Post-bid budget based on revised logistic plan and preliminary drawings / pavement composition etc. Subsequent revision as and when required.
  • Review of micro level monthly program of coming month and macro level program for next three moths.
  • Review of resource requirement i.e. material, plants & equipment's, manpower, funds and any other as required.
  • Review of Progress i.e. target vs achievements.
  • Progress review every 10 days with root cause analysis for slippages if any.
  •  Monthly Progress Reports with highlighting of anticipated critical issues expected to hampered planed progress in near future.
  • Material Reconciliation with respect to procured / purchased quantity, physical balance at store / site, work in progress, theoretical consumption based on executed work, actual consumption as per store.
  • Major Quantity Reconciliation with respect to total budgeted quantity, ordered quantity, executed quantity, billed quantity and balance quantity.
  • Quantification of Road Work Items like Earthwork, GSB, WMM, DBM, BC / SMA, DLC, PQC in Km wise for MCW / SR similarly structural work quantity like Concrete, reinforcement per BBS structure wise.
  • Co-ordination and upkeeping for Client Bill / SPS / Mile Stone Payment as the case may be

SAP Related Working

  • Sub-contractor RA bills monitoring including NOC and Final bills as and when required.
  • Active and Inactive Sub-contractor / vendor management, fore closing of inactive vendors WO / PO.
  • Production, Reservation, RFI, DPR monitoring on daily basis in coordination with site.
Department:  Planning & QS
Company:  hginfraeng